Second Yr 8 Camp 04.05-10.05.10


Our second grade 8 camp was again the alternative camp because the weather conditions hadn’t changed. Although we had the same campsites and activities, the order of our sleeping places was different.


We started at the campsite next to the swimming hole. On our second day we hiked 26 kilometres. It was also a very good walking group even if one guy had … (and had to walk 13 kilometres with straddled legs..) and another one wasn’t able to walk the hole way because of his knee problems and too much weight. This guy was walking only one small part of the hike, together with Lexi and Warren.

My favourite camping spot was at the Burdekin river. Lexi and I built the greatest Bive ever! 

During the whole camp we played the game “murdered by words”. Everyone got a name from our group and a special word (could be everything). The challenge was to get the person to say the word without knowing which word was forbidden. The person is murdered by saying the prohibited word. It was a great game. People sometimes found out which word they weren’t allowed to say and it was really fun when even so somebody got the person to say the world.


On our campsite at the lake we were very successful with catching crawfish. They were very delicious and our second breakfast. J

The kayak tour on the lake was much more muddy than last time…which was sometimes annoying because we had to carry the kayaks through the mud. Afterwards we were covered in dirt…thanks Richard! J


My highlight of this camp was our lilowing –rafting tour on our last day. We spent two hours on the lilos , floating with the stream. It was a great adventure! The river contained a few good rapids. Sometimes it was a little bit scary even if we had to wear life jackets and helmets. It wasn’t really possible to control the lilos, so that smashing into rocks wasn’t very unlikely..:) Nevertheless, all the kids got home without any injuries, besides of scratch and bruises.


Now, I have one week off before my third kayak camp starts. Hopefully it’s not raining the next days that we’ll be able to spend 7 days at the Burdekin river…fingers cross!