Back at work 2010


Welcome back to Townsville!


On the one side, it felt a little bit weird to be back at work after my 2 month holidays and travel time. On the other side, coming back to Townsville was like coming home even if I’m only staying here for a year. It was great to sleep in my own bed again. Also getting fed by the Boarding House, working in the pool, and spending time with people I got to know before vacation, got me back the daily routine which felt good after this long break.

My new timetable contains way more pool lessons than before. Due to the bloody heat the pool was the best place to spend time anyway, besides cold air-conditioned rooms. In addition to our pool lessons with the little ones, we also helped with grade 5 and 6.  In comparison to the work with grade one and two, we don’t have to stay in the water. In these lessons we have to walk along the pool and correct their stroke. I loved the work in the pool especially with the younger kids. They are so cute and it was really amazing how they developed their swimming skills after just a few months. Besides my work in the pool Lexi and I helped to train the netball team. These lessons weren’t very organised and it was always very chaotic. I realised very fast that I still prefer basketball over netball. J

After my work, I always have a lot of free time. I met new people and to spent time with them. I got more connected to Townsville and its people. One of my favourite activities is to walk up the Castle Hill. This mountain is located in the middle of Townsville, surrounded by the city. During the sunrise and sunset, it seems the whole city is walking, running and riding up the hill. It is a lot of fun and the view from the top is amazing!

On Sundays I have been attending the evening service from a special church in Townsville, named Calvary Church. I was very surprised and impressed by the way the services take place. The services on Sundays are a big event and resemble to a music concert. The hall (there is no traditional church building) is always flooded with people. They come together to eat, to sing, and to listen to the pastor’s words. I never saw so many people (mostly young people) involved in a service. It is really amazing how they work together, especially with the music and all the lovely voices.


Every Monday evening, I have a beach volleyball game. These competitions are just for fun. I play in a group of four people and every week we have a new opponent. It’s always a lot of fun and I have a great time on the court. J

Last weekend, I watched my first NBL Crocs game (basketball) in Townsville. Although the Crocs (“Never smile to a Crocodile” ;) ) is the most successful club in Australia, the Stadium wasn’t crowded. Also the play level wasn’t very high and can’t be compared to the German Bundesliga. Nevertheless it was a good and fast game and the Crocs won, of course! J During the whole basketball game the music was turned on and it got very annoying after a while. It was a real pity that only fans from Townsville visited this Stadium. The competition would be much more enthusiastic if fans from both teams were to cheer for their favourite. Australia is too spread out and only certain cities in Oz have a NBL basketball team. Therefore, the distances between the clubs are too far to go to the games played away from home.

This week my outdoor education work started. On Monday and Tuesday the outdoor staff, Lexi and I were kayaking at the Ross River with the grade 8 classes to prepare them for their camps that are coming soon. It felt great to be back in my outdoor work. We started early in the morning we carried all the kayaks from the trailer to the river. What a lot of work…The kayaks were so heavy and the grips were slippery. After this exhausting work, the best part of the day started. We kayaked the river up and down to train the kids to feel comfortable with sitting and controlling a kayak. “You have to feel one with the kayak!” ;)

Between the lessons we often had more than one hour free. Lexi and I stayed at the river for a swim with the crocodiles. J. It’s true that crocs live there, but they are small and harmless- we hope J!

Carrying the kayaks, kayaking and bringing the kayaks back to the trailer was an ideal workout for my arms. J After 4 camps kayaking (6 days long) I’m going to be perfectly trained or so exhausted that I never want to even look at a kayak again. J

My first camp is cancelled due to the bad weather conditions. The river is flooded making kayaking too dangerous for the kids. Now I have a bunch more time in Townsville, and I’m loving it! J