My last weeks before the holidays

I’m sorry that I haven’t written something in the last few weeks but I have been very busy. J

I will give you now a short flashback.


Working and living at the school:

My last weeks at school have been very easy going. The term was for the most part finished and many lessons were always cancelled.

Lexi and I spend many hours in the school pool. It is really amazing how well the children can swim.  In Australia it is very highly regarded to be able to swim. The children have a few lessons in the week and learn many different strokes. The swimming teacher Michael is a very nice man. He is very good with children. He is friendly, funny and knows how to work with kids very well. The lessons are a lot of fun but after two hours working in the pool, it gets very cold. I am always glad to take a shower. J

Moreover I love the sports lessons on Thurthdays with the grade 12s. Every week they get the choice to do different sports. One bus drives to a bowling and squaching centre, one to the beachvolleyball courts and one to a very nice excercise gym. Every week it’s my own choice where I want to go.

On Fridays at 12 am I help to coach the school basketball teams. This is a lot of fun and I feel a little bit more at home. J

The food at the school is really fantastic. The cooks do a great job! The food is better than every  canteen food in germany. The food is for the whole boarding school and it is freshly prepared every day. In addition to two or three different dishes, you can eat fresh salads. After dinner we eat nice desserts. I think ist good that I don’t have a weighing machine here. J



After school most daysI go to the gym for an hour or two. It feels great after the workout. One day every week I go to basketball training. It’s not as good as my team in germany but it’s better than nothing. JThe people aren’t very communicative but I hope it will change after the off- season once I have more training.

In the last weeks I got to know more and more the nightlife here. There are few good bars and clubs to spend the evening and of course the night. J The nightlife starts very early. At 6 pm people are sitting in bars and at 10 pm the dance clubs are full.

The Australians get very dressed up when they go out. In comparison to the women, the men look rather normal. Every women wears a dress and highheals even when they can’t walk on these shoes. – They are dressed like  people from a wedding or other special occasion. No girl would wear a normal jeans here.

All in all I enjoy going out in the evening. The bars are a good place to meet new people. Over my last two weeks, I have spent a lot of my time with an other german girl who works here at the moment as a nanny through Au Pair. We have had a lot of fun. Long, nice talks, great shopping trips and of course clubbing!


Now I’m looking forward to my holidays which start on Friday. I’m really excited to travel around as a Backpacker. Nevertheless I’m glad that I know that I come back after two month because I am really enjoying my time here.