Road Trip Cairns 06-08.11.09

Lexi and I got the oppurtunity to go for the weekend with Warren to Cairns. Warren is a very nice, funny old man (decended from the Aboriginals) who works at the school.

Every 6 months Warren drives to Cairns to go fishing with a friend on his boat. Warren is a grounds person here at the school, as well as a farmer. We met him on the grade 7 camp for the first time.

We drove on friday evening for 4 hours to a camping place (45 minutes away past Cairns) to stay there in a small apartment. The next morning we visited an animal  reserve, where we ate breakfast. This sanctuary was like a Zoo but more natural.

Then we headed back to Cairns. Once we arrived there we had to change our plans, because Warren’s friend had a car accident  with a cow (he is allright compared to the cow...) and it was too windy to go fishing anyway. We drove to a shopping mall, a pet store (Lexi’s favorite store...), and afterwards to our hotel for our next night. Lexi and I swam in the pool before we  went to the city centre. I was a little bit dissapointed with Cairns because I didn’t know that Cairns didn’t have a beach. My expectations of Cairns were different. Nevertheless Cairns had a nice promenade, lagoon and a harbor where the boats can get to the Great Barrier Reaf. J

At the evening we ate stuff from a supermarket in our room and watched a movie. It  was a really fun night.

The next day,Warren wanted to show us a crocodile park on the way home, but the weather was too bad. It was raining the whole way back to Townsville. It rained cats and dogs and there was a lot of water on the streets. Rain in this area is very normal- it rains there the whole year but more extreme in the rain season, which starts now. .. We were lucky to be able to get home without the streets being closed.

I’m very fascinated by the australian mentality. I never met people as relaxed and easy going as the Australians. They are very laid- back, and nothing can destroy this mood. We drove the whole weekend (over 8 hours driving) with a boat on the trailer for nothing, and I never got the feeling that Warren was stressed. The Australians don’t worry about things which they can’t change. This is a very nice adjustment and it would be a good idea for the germans take a leaf out of the australian’s book. J