My first days working at school

Work at the school is really different from the camp’s work. Last week I got my timetable for this month. I’m glad that I can help in sport and english lessons. The ESL lessons are for people, who have English as their second or sometimes as their third language. Many people from Hongkong or Thailand have to join these lessons. The classes are very small and familiar. In some lessons there are only sitting 6 students, working on their own and getting individual help. This english support is very important for these kids because they sperate themselves in the school day, like during lunch and sit at separate tables in each lesson, speaking their native language.

I joined a few of these lessons to improve my english. In my sport lessons, I play different sports with the students, for example tennis or softball. Softball is a little bit like baseball, it includes for instance a pitcher, a catcher and a batter.

Every morning at 8:45 am, my school day starts. This is a really good timeJ. I only have to walk for a couple minutes to get to all the differrent places on the campus. Mostly in the mornings Lexi and I have  to work at the pool to help the younger children, who can’t swim. Our work is to hold them in water J so that they don’t drown.

For my first three days, these swimming lessons didin’t take place because the teacher was ill.  Instead of working in the pool we played  different games with children from the junior school. This was a lot of fun and the kids were so cute. Perhaps i will join some of their lessons , too. J

As you can see, my work at school is not really hard ,but makes a lot of fun and it’s really different from  a german school. I enjoy the time- and of course my free time. Tonight  I will go to a very intense basketball game and tomorrow I’ ll have my first basketball training. I’m really excited...